What to do when you have more than one business idea


“Do what you love.” This message – once reserved for graduate speeches and good luck cookies – is a common theme in today’s professional landscape. So what do you do when you “like” multiple things?

Throughout my years as a professional coach, I have seen the phrase ‘follow your passion and the money will come’ when you meet an invitation or a famine. Either a person has no idea what his passion is or his cup (and notepad of business ideas) is running out. If you are in a later camp, the possibilities are as overwhelming and weak as you have no place to go. Below are the key questions you ask yourself to help you choose your business ideas:

Did anyone ask for it? The fastest way to make your new business plan profitable is to give people what they want You Think what they want, but what they are asking for. The common mistake traders make is to stop themselves from creating the “perfect” product or service to bring to market. We then take our business back to the scene and reach out to the crowd like a scene outside of Sher King and listen to cricket instead of applauding. No one wants it because no body has asked for it. As soon as you can decide who your ideal client is and what their real need is. They are aware of the need. As soon as you can solve their specific problem.

Can i do that Starting a business is like having a romantic start. In the beginning it is all about starry eyes and butterflies. But when happiness is gone, what is left with you is determination – and determination works. Depending on the industry, it can take years for a business to become profitable. It is important to ask yourself if you are committed to spending your time, energy and resources to see this work for at least the next five years. Especially in the early days, your business can be like a newborn baby – in extremely difficult times without any wages or value, constant demands.

Are these my people In the dynamics of the new work, there will be no separation from ‘us’ and ‘them’. Now we are working within the tribes. Groups of people have gathered around a similar goal and vision. As you consider your various business ideas, think about the clients and their partners involved in the project. Do you want to spend time Too much time– With those people? One of the biggest benefits of setting up your own business is that you have to decide who your people are – who you will serve and communicate with regularly. Business is ultimately one person communicates with another. You have the ability to decide who you want to sit at the table with when you choose a good guide.

Whether it’s one or a hundred adventures in front of you, mastering the ability to run your own business gives you real financial security. Instead of squeezing yourself into another role, choose the path that fits you and you will set yourself up for success every time.

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