Timely and interesting audio interview ideas


For one person, being passionate can mean something different.

There are millions and millions of different titles and products.

My niche, the internet marketing crowd and the copywriting and marketing niche, it’s such a small niche.

Copywriting niche, if you ask ten people on the street, “What is copywriting?” I guarantee you maybe out of ten, maybe someone knows what copywriting is.

My niche is a small niche, but there are huge niches. One small niche I like in my small space is that I like business opportunities. There is a saying, “Catch a man fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man fish, you will feed him for life.”

When you are selling a business opportunity as a way to make money, or you are selling them a system that they can implement and use for the rest of their lives to provide for their family, which is very valuable. A lot of people are looking for it. So, I like business opportunities. One of my main products is HMA Marketing Consulting Systems. This is really a business opportunity. It teaches you how to become a marketing consultant, and if you study and study it and put it into practice, you can come up with a good marketing advice. So, here’s a short cut to the process.

This type of product is very valuable, and it’s great to use audio interviews, expert interviews, and complimentary interviews to promote this type of thing.

So, I’ll go with the business opportunities and you’ll find some more niches that are even more popular that are in high demand and say, “Do your research.”

Many of my recordings are not necessarily business opportunities, but information training. Really copywriting can be a business opportunity, but there are skills like communication and copywriting and cell scripting and how to get more references. These are all skill type interviews, and they will actually translate into the maximum amount in your pocket.

So, my niche, business skills and business opportunities have been great for me. So, I will stick with that, and I will think about the type of margin when you are creating your information product. What can they sell?

Business opportunities are sold at high margins. People their l. Will pay more People will pay a million dollars. I don’t know how many McDonald’s franchises there are. Maybe they’re two or three million now, or they’ll pay a million dollars for the subway. Franchises are sold every day, and these things go for fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, one million dollars because they are business opportunities.

When people buy into them, they believe that the franchise will support them for the rest of their lives. So, I would consider something with such a high margin. I’m pretty sure Audio can sell more tickets like this.

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