New Ideas for Small Business Holiday Marketing


Two seconds after Halloween, it looks like all the retail stores have put on Christmas decorations – trying to get as much holiday market space as possible. Common ways to use the retail store for holidays include extended hours and sales. It’s all right and good. Today I want to introduce you to some new ways to think about holiday promotions.

Many are fed up with the holiday crowd, which reflects an increase in online sales and a decline in sales of some traditional retailers. There also seems to be a tendency to buy fewer gifts, but these gifts are more of a luxury item.

The way we all do marketing, we keep the customer in mind. What do we know about people this time of year?

– Time is one thing – there is a lot to do and very little time. – People have more purchases than usual. – People are under a lot of pressure. – People clean and decorate their homes.

These are just some of the factors that affect people during the holiday season. I’m sure you can think of more. Keep these things in mind, and take the position of being a giver.

Here’s a theory I’ve never seen (so I want credit if you use it). If you have a store, offer a free gift wrap – there’s nothing new. When people are wrapping up their gifts, do they get a free chair massage? You can partner with a local spa, or even a massage school that can give each user a promotional coupon. Save your customers time, relieve their stress, and establish a fusion marketing partnership with Spa.

If you are in the home service business, offer additional winter services to save time for your customers. Offer a free vacation house cleaning. If you’re not in the cleaning business – work with a cleaning service again.

Views are great. Give away Christmas trees for free – depending on where you are you can buy a hundred pieces for 10. It could be a deal – spend 100 and plant a free tree at home. Serve a turkey, or whole turkey dinner – it is advertised in many grocery stores.

Everyone gives a calendar, something different but still useful. What about ice scrapers if you live in the north? Blankets, sweatshirts, hats – these are all good promotional items when the weather is cold.

Holiday card is great. People enjoy getting and showcasing them. Hardly anyone sends a Thanksgiving card, consider it. At this politically correct age (HANP) you have to be sensitive to your religious sensitivities. Send Happy Holiday Cards, Not My Christmas Cards – Unless you’re sure your customer is celebrating Christmas.

If you have any kind of retail business, think of additional gifts that can be used as other gifts. A florist can include free gift wrapped jewelry with a specific level of purchase that can be sent to a different address. Two gifts for the price of one. Buy one Free offers are best during the holidays.

Use your creativity this holiday season and think about how you can solve your customers’ problems.

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