Car Wreck Attorney Contracting A Professional


Price isn’t an object when it comes to contracting a professional car wreck attorney in-house, especially since many don’t collect a dime unless you win compensation for you in court. However, there are a few questions of which you should be made aware prior to retaining a car wreck attorney. Questions of these types ought to include:

Q. What are the odds of winning or settling with my insurance company after a car wreck? A. While statistics show that most insurance company policies result in a payout of only about 50 percent, a competent car wreck attorney can help you recover maximum compensation by suing your insurance company to recover compensation over and above your premiums and loss of wages. Questions of this type ought to be answered prior to retaining a lawyer.

Q. Who is going to be the one to fight my claim? A. The person or persons who will ultimately be involved in fighting your car wreck attorney’s claim are called “affiliates,” “patrons,” “settlements agents,” and “clients.” In layman’s terms, affiliates are the people who actually facilitate the claims process; customers are the ones that actually make a claim on the insurance company; and settlement agents are the ones who handle and negotiate the details of a claim after it has been submitted to the legal system. It’s essential that you know who will be potentially involved in fighting your claim so as to determine which entities you’ll need to hire.

Q. If I’ve been in a car wreck, will I be awarded damages for my vehicle and other property? A. In the state of Pennsylvania, only the driver of the other vehicle-whether at fault or not-for whom you file your claim will be paid for injuries and medical bills you incur during the accident, regardless of whether you were driving at the time of the crash.

Q. Are lawyers the same thing as car wreck attorneys? A. Yes.

Q. Will my loved one be able to collect compensation from others responsible for my loved one’s injuries? A. Although in this state, the general public generally has no rights against another party, your loved ones do have rights against the other party through their contractual relationship with the other individual. Your car wreck attorney will work with an experienced injury attorney to ensure that you have the best chances at protecting those rights.

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