Best Part-Time Business Ideas for Students


Hey students, here are some great part-time small business ideas to help you make some extra cash. When you need some money, you don’t have to grind anymore or bother your parents.

It is a fact of life that students are often notorious for being cash-strapped. But this is not necessary. With some smart thinking, some hard work and perseverance, a part time business can be a solution. Here are some opportunities I would recommend to the student. These businesses can be started with little or no capital and require little or no training. They are generally believed to generate additional income and can be sold when the student graduates and starts a full-time job.

Typing service

Provide typing services to other students. Offer to type their assignment, resume, thesis, etc.

Auto Detailing

If you have a graphics and design temperament and you like cars, you may want to consider offering one in detail to car owners. In addition to putting up great graphics, you can also put company vehicles and trucks in detail with logos, signs or ads.

Auto protection / car sound installation

If you are good at electronics and sound, you may want to consider this highly lucrative opportunity. You can make an alarm unit or sound equipment source directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler and put small markup on it if you want but your best income will be from the actual installation fee.


If you are really good at a particular subject, you can tutor school children in your area. You can do this either in their home or in your home. You will be charged per hour.

Baby Sitter / House Sitter / Senior Citizen Care

Baby sitting is an old part-time opportunity, although it is still very popular and in high demand with parents who need to take some time off. It is suitable for women.

The occupant of the house is the one who lives and takes care of the house while the owner is away. It will be suitable for boys as girls may be afraid to be alone at home.

Senior Citizens Care

This includes doing some housework, grocery shopping, medical checkups for the elderly. Includes carrying. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business.

Garden service

This can be a great and rewarding opportunity if two or more students participate. You may need some of these and some basic garden equipment. Maybe you can borrow from Dad for a while – of course. With his permission

Pool service

As mentioned above, except that you will focus on the maintenance of the swimming pool.

Manual service

Here you will find strange jobs for family members who are too lazy to do. Fixing doorbells, leaking leaks, changing doors, painting, etc.


If you love music, have a great album of music and have a mix of skills, you might consider providing a mobile disco service for parties, birthdays, school functions, etc.

Newspaper recycling

Collect old newspapers from around your neighborhood and sell them at a newspaper recycling plant. You can also grow this business with old aluminum soda / beer cans.

Plane distribution

You can provide flyer distribution services to businesses in your area. You can employ part-time children to help with the actual distribution.

Garage cell organizer

You can manage and run garage sales from homeowners who are too busy or too lazy to work on their own. Sales will be made on site and you receive a percentage of all sales that are successfully concluded. You also receive a setup fee.

Photography service

If you are good with a camera, then this is your chance. May be. Take pictures of people, children at places like malls, holiday resorts, small league games, etc.

Flea market

If you have something to sell that is as unique as your own creation, you can have great success if you set up a stall in a flea market in your area.

Delivery service

Many businesses, especially pharmacies and fast food outlets, contract their supplies. Take a look at some of them and offer them your services.

Study Guide / Textbook Rent

If you have study guides or textbooks that you have run out of, you can rent them out to students who cannot afford to buy them.

Sign Writing Service

If you are good at graphics, then you can offer all kinds of logo making for business. This includes work on glass shops.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Look at the list, decide what appeals to you, plan and get started. good luck.

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